¡Me encanta Mexico!

Written by Tearoze


Mexico enchants me. Visiting Mexico was the first trip where I saw as much of the country as I possibly could in a week, especially with a tropical storm approaching and heavy rainfall for a couple of days. My trip to Mexico was quite an eventful one.

Playa Del Carmen

After leaving Cancun airport, I had a shuttle transfer to Playa del Carmen. I spent the majority of my time there in a basic thatched hut that was billed as a 3 star hotel online with beautiful postcard pictures and 5 stars rated reviews but alas, upon arriving there, the stark reality was a far cry from the images depicted. It was in a run down part of town that has been so neglected, I asked for a refund but was refused. After arguing back and forth for almost an hour with the receptionist and then the owner via telephone, I finally decided I’ll have to stay since I’ve already paid in advance as it was non-refundable. I got a free upgrade to the king room but this made hardly any difference as the smell of mould was so overpowering. It wasn’t the worst but it could do with a complete overhaul.

In all honesty, I can only give it one star based on the location, cleanliness and facilities. I couldn’t complain paying under £20 a night for a bed, shower, AC and mosquito net riddled with holes thus defeating the purpose for which it was intended. You do get what you pay for. Its fair to say I was bitten more than half a dozen times which wasn’t pleasant in the slightest. I found a hack; applying my disinfectant hand gel to the bites made them disappear after a few days. The Eye mosquito band that I bought on the plane was completely useless as it didn’t deter the mosquitoes devouring me.

Chichen Itza

The first place I absolutely had to visit was Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula. The Yucatan Peninsula divides the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea, surrounding three Mexican states as well as Belize and Guatemala. Chichen Itza is a UNESCO world heritage site fundamental to the Mayan archaeologists, making it one of the seven wonders of the world. A must see! Which is why approximately 1.4 million tourists visit it annually.

Akumal Jungle

Akumal is a popular destination for snorkelling. Tourists can swim with endangered green sea turtles, who visit the shallow bay to feed on the sea grass. The popularity of snorkeling has put environmental pressure on their fragile habitat. I chose not to do this activity because I believe the turtles should be left in peace.


This was seeing the real, unpretentious Mexico. The part we saw was a deprived area in parts but with some amazing jewellery stores and temples. We stopped here for lunch at a bright and bold restaurant. It’s the best meal I’ve had for my entire trip. Proper Mexican cuisine. Some people were scared to get out of the tour buses but I didn’t think it was that bad. I’ve seen worse.


The pièce de résistance has to be Cancún! There’s no point going to Mexico if you don’t pay it a visit. Cancún is a city on the Yucatán Peninsula that borders the Caribbean Sea. It’s popular for its stunning, picturesque beaches, resorts and nightclubs. It comprises of two distinguishable areas; downtown El Centro and Zona Hotelera which is a long beachfront strip with lots of hotels and fancy restaurants. Some of the hotels have 5 diamonds rating. I knew of 5 star hotels but never heard of 5 diamonds until now. If money is no object, this lavish lifestyle can be yours. I was on a tight budget so I stayed in a small 4 star hotel on my last two nights as a treat. It had a jacuzzi and infinity pool which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Mexico is such a beautiful country, which face challenges just like any other third world country. The people are kind and will go out of their way to show you to your destination. Don’t forget to tip them. They mostly live off tips and are very appreciative. I’ve never seen such warm hospitality. I took the local shuttles and paid a few pesos, travelling with the locals and they smiled at me while I ate tacos. It’s good to know a little Spanish, that goes a long way. You’re in their country after all.

The Collectivos and ADO buses runs regularly and is affordable. There are a lot of Oxxo’s pretty much on every block. They are small shops where you can do basic shopping. The Chedraui were excellent! Great big supermarkets with everything you could possibly need, from wine to cooked meals, clothes, souvenirs etc. Love them! The beaches are divine! Incredible turquoise paradise. Everyone should put Mexico on their bucket list. I would certainly go there again. ¡Yo amo Mexico!

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Belfast – A City to Explore

Written by Tearoze

Belfast is a truly fascinating city. It’s the capital of Northern Ireland and birthplace of the famous RMS Titanic ship, that struck an iceberg and sunk in 1912.

They have their own version of “Big Ben” which is the Albert memorial clock in Queens square. The real beauty of Belfast lies within its people who are kindhearted, warm and accommodating. Belfast is less than an hour and a half flight from London and makes for the perfect weekend getaway. You will not suffer from any jet lag as you’ll be there before you can blink. I loved admiring the beautiful greenery and walking down little side roads that lead to a captivating wall art or a quaint hideaway pub or café.

Victoria Square

Victoria square has a wide selection of bars and restaurants to enjoy. There’s wonderful and interesting places to shop and it has a stunning dome in the centre. Visit the dome to discover Belfast’s most iconic landmarks.

Second Safest City in The World

Belfast is a vibrant city. It has a much slower pace than London but with such colourful history. A lot of people don’t realise that Belfast is the second safest city in the world. You can rest assured that you have very little to worry about in terms of personal safety. Like everywhere else, however, the onus is on you to be aware of your surroundings and be vigilant. I was ecstatic to explore Belfast, seeing that my last name is Irish, I almost felt like I came home.

Plan a Trip to Belfast

You shouldn’t hesitate to plan a trip to Belfast. There are several historic attractions to explore. Most notable of which is Titanic Belfast, a monument to the maritime’s heritage, located in the city Titanic Quarter where RMS Titanic was built, just a short walk from the city centre.

It is a must see attraction. You can’t go to Belfast and not have a tour. It cost £18.50 per adult, £15.00 for seniors and students, £8.00 for a child (5-16) children under 5 go free. This self guided tour covers 9 galleries, depicting the journey of the Titanic and gives you automatic admission to the SS Nomadic ship. Here you’ll get to ride in cable cars and relive some of what the people who worked on the SS Nomadic at the time had to go through.

It’s a very good reenactment as you can feel the heat from the burning metals and hear the knocking of the iron as you float around suspended in the air. I would advise that you do not take your phone out at this point as there may be sudden movements from the cable cars which could cause it to fall four storeys below and well, you know how that will end, when it’s far too late.

Visit Belfast and explore its vast history and incredible culture. You can book the Titanic Experience and SS Nomadic via the link below:


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Enjoy and bon voyage!

London Black Boys

Written by Tearoze

London black boys have no respect for their culture.

London black boys are killing off each other.

London black boys I want you to live;

You have such a promising future, so much more to give;

London black boys are acting like they’re ignorant.

London black boys pull up your freaking pants!

London black boys are joining different gangs.

London black boys, get yourself an education.

London black boys, it’s either that, death or incarceration.

It may seem hard now but it will get better;

London black boys, start supporting each other;

London black boys, you need to stay woke.

London black boys, are you simply a joke?

London black parents, where are you?

Why are these boys turning to criminality too?

London black parents, it’s time to take a stand.

Raise up your boy to be a much better man.

London black parents quit spending so much time at the pub.

Raise up your boys and show them what truly is love.

London black boys, there’s always a better way.

Why don’t you choose life? Choose it today.

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Tel Aviv & Jerusalem – The Bucket List Cities

Written by Tearoze

I’ve always been intrigued with Israel. When I got a chance to visit, I didn’t hesitate. My first stop was in Tel Aviv, where the minute I entered the airport, a TV crew was videoing everyone coming in. There was a lady who held a sign up letting you know but you really couldn’t miss it. I wasn’t bothered. I proceeded through customs and after answering a few questions, I was given a card with my picture and length of stay and sent on my way. I grabbed a taxi to my hotel, which was less than half an hour’s drive. It was a dull and drab looking day with lots of fog around and poor visibility so I decided to start my sightseeing the next day.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a Middle Eastern metropolis and a relatively new and emerging city. Lots of buildings are constantly going up. There’s stunning Mediterranean beaches and the infamous Rothschild’s Boulevard which is uber trendy. There’s lovely restaurants and eye catching architecture forming a nice backdrop.

The food that I tried was mostly great, especially the sea food which was very fresh and abundant. The cookies on Tel Aviv high street are the best I’ve ever had. They were so divine!

The restaurants I dined at, brought several starter and bread as a part of my meal, which I had fun trying. Their portions are huge so you really don’t need to order a starter. Some I liked, others I didn’t find very palatable. The hummus was freshly made and I liked the wide variety of breads.

Tel Aviv has a gorgeous pier. People jog up and down it and seemed to be into their fitness regime. There were yoga classes going on even at nights. People were constantly jogging along the pier. I wanted to join in.

Carmel Market

Carmel market is a good place to visit if you’re looking for souvenirs to take back home for family and friends. I especially liked the colourful array of jewellery on offer. There’s hardly anything you can’t find there. It’s a very expensive city so budget for your expenditures and then double it. Once you go from pounds to shekels, your money goes very fast. There’s quite a few pubs nearby the market where you can chill and have a drink if you so wish.

I find that people were a bit racist towards me in Tel Aviv, being a black woman, which came as a shock, it being the holy land and all. At one point the Receptionist who came on at night and saw me sitting in the garden shouted at me to get out twice, even after I told him I was a paying guest. On my way back from Tel Aviv airport, I was handpicked out of the line and had my luggage thoroughly searched for drugs along with my shoes and given a Spanish inquisition. I wouldn’t let that deter me from recommending Tel Aviv as a holiday destination. Everyone will have a different experience.


Growing up in predominantly Christian households, I’ve always heard about Jerusalem, the holy land. It’s been mentioned in the Bible and I’ve always been fascinated to see why it was so special.

I went on a tour of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, Masada. It took around two hours drive to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I didn’t experience any tension. It was extremely peaceful and I walked up and down the different sights and was completely fine. It was on my bucket list and visiting it was both a personal joy and dream that materialised for me.

It was beautiful and tranquil. I felt so at peace. The people in Jerusalem were warm and engaging. They would say hi and asked where I was from. A complete contrast to my experience in Tel Aviv. There were so many interesting places to explore. You need a full day or a half a day at the very least just to scratch the surface.

I saw the mount of Olives and went to the Church of the Sepulchre. I visited the Weeping Wall and lots of other fantastic places I can’t recall. I had lunch on the roof of the Panoramic Golden city restaurant that served the best chicken shawarma I’ve ever had along with non-alcoholic beer and cider.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the world’s natural marvel. It’s the lowest point in the world. Water flows into it but doesn’t flow out and so becomes trapped and evaporates. The high saline content means that nothing survives. You can’t drown because you can’t sink, you basically just float once you lean back. You cannot and should not attempt to swim in the Dead Sea. All you’ll end up doing is splashing people in their eyes with water so salty, they will have to get out immediately to go and wash it out. It stings worse than a thousand bees.

I went to Masada, secured a locker for my belongings, then went and floated in the Dead Sea. I also had a mud bath which was rich with minerals. People from all over the world goes here just for the mineral baths. Someone tried to steal my crocs. He took them up and started making off with them while I was in the Dead Sea. I had to yell at him to put them back, which wasn’t very funny at the time but is hilarious now.

This experience was so surreal, I felt a revival in my soul. I would go back just for this euphoric feeling. There are some things you should try once and these are cities everyone should have on their bucket lists.

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Safety advice for travellers

Written by Tearoze


Travelling the world is like travelling through life. The more open you are to it, the more you are willing to explore new avenues. These are some of the basics that everyone should know and adhered to for staying safe abroad so as not to ruin that long awaited holiday. Travellers should try and minimise their risk by following these steps:-


Know the country’s local laws and customs and tailor your trip accordingly. Obey the dress code and culture. Do your own research before you book your trip. Choose your destination wisely. Consider your budget, the climate, currency, local cuisine, attractions and safety.

Passport must be valid

Check the validity of your passport before you leave. Make sure you have the correct visas if needed. Photocopy your passport to carry around with you and save a copy online in case it gets lost.


Vaccines are your passport to adventure around the world. Vaccines are required for you to travel to certain places. You can come into contact with different diseases based on the countries you are visiting. Protect yourself and your community by getting vaccinated before you travel. See your GP to find out which ones you need a few weeks before you go on your holiday.

Travel Insurance

Take out the appropriate travel insurance. Make sure you are fully covered for all activities you’ll be participating in. Take more than one type of payment with you to cover any unexpected emergencies. Make a note of the British consulate or embassy.

Keep a low profile 

Dont be too flash. Try not to display any valuables such as designer handbags, the latest mobile phones, cameras, watches or jewellery. Write down your phone IMEI number so it can be blocked if stolen.

Organise your sightseeing during the daytime with reputable companies. Don’t venture out too far from your resort at nights and avoid travelling alone as you could be an easy target to unscrupulous people.

Drink bottled water 

When visiting countries with poor sanitation, drink bottled water with the seals intact. Be aware of fake bottled water and ensure that the seal has not been tampered with before consuming. Where there is limited access to water, consider taking a water filter or chemical treatments with you. Chemical treatments can be used to disinfect water. Check that you follow the instructions thoroughly in order to obtain the best possible results. Chlorine preparations are also highly effective.

Foods should be piping hot 

It can be a challenge to avoid contaminated food and water but choose food that is freshly prepared and is served piping hot. Avoid foods like uncooked berries, unpeeled fruits and salad items. Contaminated food and water can transmit a number of different infectious diseases but the risk is higher in low income regions. High risk areas include most of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

There is a wide range of infectious diseases such as TD, that are transmitted by contaminated food and water. Most diseases are caused by pathogens (bacteria, viruses or parasites). Travellers should consider taking a diarrhoea treatment pack as a precaution.

Wash hands thoroughly 

To prevent diarrhoea and stomach upsets, wash your hands thoroughly after visiting the toilet and before preparing or eating food. Where hand washing facilities are unavailable, use alcohol gel.

Avoid ingesting pool water 

Swallowing contaminated water in inadequately treated swimming pools, hot tubs and spas can transmit pathogens that cause diarrhoea, vomiting or infection of the ears, eyes, skin and the respiratory system. Don’t swim in the pool if you have diarrhoea. Ensure babies and infants are wearing suitable swimwear and avoid ingesting the pool water.

Medical care

Seek medical care if you develop a fever of 38°C or more. Don’t forget to tell your GP that you have travelled abroad.


Think about what you are doing and always trust your gut feeling. These simple steps should help to ensure that your holiday go swimmingly. Good luck and bon voyage!

Welcome To Jamrock

Written by Tearoze

My Island In The Sun 

“The world most beautiful island” was how Columbus described it. I concur wholeheartedly. Visiting my exotic island of Jamaica was an exhilarating experience. Jamaica holds a priceless place in my heart and will always be special to me. I was born there and it will always be home to me even when I’m away. It’s the perfect destination for sea, sand, fun and sun.


Jamaica is undeniably the Caribbean most popular island. With Bob Marley and Usain Bolt catapulting it onto the world stage and sealing its place in history both in music and sports, this island embodies the party spirit and appeals to those who are spontaneous and looking for an adventure like no other. 


I must admit that I wasn’t prepared for the heat but the air condition in the hotel and rental car soon put that to the back of my mind as I fell in love with my incredibly stunning island all over again.

I decided to spend my first two nights in the beautiful and mind blowing Ocho Rios. What a gem! Its brilliant scenery basked in beauty and warmth, exuded by the welcoming and hospitable people. You must try the steam fish and bammy. It was as delicious as it was fresh.

Must See

You cannot go to Jamaica and not visit the gorgeous Dunn’s River Falls. The best way to get to the top is by joining hands and trusting that no one breaks the link. We were treated with so much love and dignity, it’s as if we were royalty.

Everyone made my stay memorable. The food was so good! I took simple pleasure in a KFC barbecue meal, in Ironshore Mobay, which was finger licking good. We don’t get that in the U.K.


The third day, on my way from Negril heading into Kingston the police stopped us for speeding. I could not believe it! Everything was going so well.

Flashbacks of when I was stopped by the police for driving too slow down East Street in London came back to me. How contrary. I am lucky to have the gift of the gob and charmed my way out of a ticket. I love taking pictures of everything except myself. I need to hit back the gym and I know because I detest criticism.


Jamaica is the coolest of all the Caribbean isles. The scenery is draw droppingly gorgeous. The blue mountains formed the perfect backdrop to the island. The people are warm, the cuisine is world class. Entertainment and sports speaks for itself.


I explored as many of the parishes as I could, making it to a whopping 8 out of 14 and can’t wait to go back and see them all.

Negril is a true beauty with stupendous views and it’s white sandy beaches. You must visit Rick’s Cafe. There’s so much to do and see, you’ll never get bored here. If you’re brave enough, you can take a dive.

Kingston was the pièce de résistance! The breeze kissing my face, the night life and the huge choices of restaurants was simply extraordinary. When you’re in the hills it’s superb. Make sure you check out Usain’s Tracks and Records as well as Fiction club and my ultimate favourite for the best Jamaican cuisine ever, where I’ve had the best ackee and saltfish, Chasers café in Manor Park! It was so good!

For drinks and late dining, Cellar 8 is open. They need to lay off the salt in the oxtail gnocchi and there food will be delicious.


South Coast

You must not forget the South Coast as Treasure Beach is an unspoilt gem. Whitehouse has a Sandals hotel and Holland Bamboo is unique, I want the roads to be fixed because it’s such a rare and wonderful attraction.

Jamaica is an unforgettable place with that wonderful laid back vibe. Forget what you heard, visit it for yourself. Make Jamaica your next tropical vacation, it will exceed all your expectation and have you going back. Welcome to Jamrock!


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Family Life in Turkey

Written by Tearoze


Family Life Tropical resort has a picturesque setting surrounded by lush mountains and natural vegetation. Nestled in a tranquil area in the village of Sarigerme, Turkey, it’s only 25 minutes drive from Dalaman airport. The city of Marmaris is around an hour’s drive away. There are taxis at the front of the hotel which can take you there for sightseeing and excursions.


My suite was tastefully decorated. The bedroom had sliding doors and the bathroom had a jacuzzi whirlpool bath and shower. The living room had two plush sofas which could easily be used as additional beds. There were two flat screen TVs, one in the bedroom and the other in the living room. Tea and coffee making facilities were provided. A small terrace looks out onto one of the seven swimming pools. It was furnished simply with a metal table and two chairs to provide a somewhat private outdoor space.


Style and Character

Family Life Tropical is an all inclusive hotel that comprises of modern suites. The resort is secluded and low key. It was surrounded by beautiful palm trees and greenery, which I loved. It was immaculately clean, which I also loved. I stayed there without feeling the need to leave the property as the shops were sufficient for all the things that I needed.


Food And Drinks

I liked the healthy aspect of the foods. The majority was grilled or stewed. There’s a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from. There were delicious cakes and ice cream for those with sweet tooth. I recommend the melon ice cream. It was very refreshing and different.

Breakfast was a bit repetitive so I only had it twice. I can see this becoming an issue if you’re there longer than a week.

Lunch was mostly grilled as well as burgers and hot dogs for those who like fast food.

Dinner was very good. It was my favourite meal of the day and I looked forward to the different themes each night.

The drinks offered were all local brands and took a bit of getting used to. I would have preferred the choice of other branded drinks.


Value For Money

It was good value for money. Guests are well looked after and almost nothing is too much with one exception that was my personal experience…My flight was delayed so I woke up late and missed breakfast and lunch and they refused to make me something to eat. They told me to order room service which I refused as my holiday was all inclusive and I didn’t wish to pay twice for my meals as that would have defeated the whole purpose of an all inclusive. They then said I would have to wait for dinner, which was over an hour and I was feeling faint, which I expressed to them. I think they should take each situation on an individual basis and be more accommodating. Other than that mishap, the rest of my holiday was a good experience.


Services and facilities

Service was warm and welcoming. Everyone had a smile and was eager to help but not overly intrusive.

There was a gym for those who like to work out while on holiday. There’s also a spa when you needed some relaxation. The beach was private with beautiful white sand at the rear of the hotel, accessed by a stunning archway within 5 minutes. This was a huge plus for me.



Entertainment on the first two nights was good but on Saturday it was non-existent, which was a huge disappointment.

Family Friendly

The resort is aimed specifically at families as the name suggests. It’s a wonderful place for family breaks and relaxation.

I recommend Family Life Tropical Resort. It’s great for summer evenings and I did enjoy the majority of my stay.



Sarigerme, Turkey.

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My Perfect Occasion Wear

Written by Tearoze


The UK Blog Awards is almost upon us, how exciting! It gave me inspiration to put together my dream outfit for the occasion from Debenhams. If money was no object I would be bursting with fabulosity. (Inserts laugh emoji)



I decided to go with a royal blue and gold theme in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday. I adorbs this stunning Quiz royal blue ribbed asymmetrical skater dress. It’s contemporary and directional and makes you stand out from the crowd while still looking stylish and feminine. Perfect for the milder evenings.


You can find it on Debenhams website where it retails for an affordable £59.99…Wahey!




I paired it with these Kurt Geiger gold Horatio high heel sandals because gold compliments royal blue beautifully. These beauts retails at £140.




No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories so I teamed it with the Dune metallic gold fold over clutch. Retail price £140. A great little investment piece that will transcend the season.




This Mood gold reversible statement ring was so chic, I simply couldn’t resist! It retails for a pocket friendly £8.00.




I then chose these great looking pair of earrings in 9 carat gold which were made in Italy as I love everything Italian. It elongates the face and came in at £320. What can I say, I have exquisite tastes.


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Cheers To The Rise

Written by Tearoze

Venue: O2 Academy Brixton

Website: http://www.o2academybrixton.co.uk/


It was a great evening at the O2 Academy in Brixton on Friday night. O2 Academy, Brixton, is one of London’s leading music venues. Situated in Brixton, South London, it has hosted a range of leading acts since becoming a music venue in 1983. The maximum capacity is 4,921 with 3,760 standing downstairs and 1,083 seated and 78 standing in the circle. I chose stall standing as I can’t see the point of going to a gig to sit down. I have to be right where the action is and get into the groove. The show was completely sold out so the venue was packed to capacity.


Andra Day

Andra Day, a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, was opening for Leon Bridges who was the main act. With the spring weather setting in nicely, it was perfect for a night out. I was really looking forward to the incredibly talented Andra Day’s performance.


Her outfit was a relaxed trouser suit that closely resembled a pair of comfortable pyjamas. This was accompanied by a fur coat thrown casually over her shoulders when she started along with her signature head wrap. I’m not a fan of real fur but for the majority of the gig, it stayed on the sound box behind her until the end of her set. Click the link below to check out her amazing rendition of “Rise Up”.


She didn’t disappoint as she belted out a string of hits and engaged with the audience. Vocally, she represented herself well. I’m a huge fan of hers and was ecstatic to get the opportunity to see her live. Her debut album “Cheers To The Fall” with her hit single “Rise Up” is one of my favourite so far this year. Stream it on iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/CTTFAppleMusic

Make sure you go and support her and check out her website here:


Leon Bridges


Leon Bridges was like an old soul. He was energetic and upbeat and has the smoothest moves I’ve ever seen. He delivered a number of songs that transported me to days gone by. It’s like a completely different genre of music. His dance moves matched the mood of his songs and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him as he entertained the crowd. I must admit, however, that I knew none of his music before this event but after his performance, I’m now a convert. I love his energy. Click below to check out Leon’s unique dance moves.

Leon Bridges in his element

Get a copy of his album “Going Home” and show him your full support. He’s legendary. http://smarturl.it/ComingHomeiT

Check out his website here:


I highly recommend the O2 Academy in Brixton to everyone that’s looking for a great night out and who enjoys live music as much as I do. Cheers to the rise!

Keep up to date with upcoming shows on their website: http://www.o2academybrixton.co.uk/


Anna Thursdays

Featured: Anna de Codorníu Blanc de Blancs

Written by Tearoze



Arbina was the place to be last night, for the launch of Anna de Codorníu Blanc de Blancs Cava in a night dubbed “Anna Thursdays.” Anna Thursdays means that on select Thursdays from March 10th onwards, the first ten ladies along with one of their friends, will be treated to a complimentary glass of Anna de Codorníu Blanc de Blancs at participating restaurants and bars nationwide.


It was an intimate setting with a rustic charm. Colourful tulips decorated the walls adding to its ambience alongside an amazing host Ellie, who made us feel very welcome with a glass of Cava upon arrival and her charming personality.


Anna was smooth and unimposing, very easy on the palette. It was elegant and stylish with notes of tropical fruit and citrus, and aromas of toast and brioche. Anna de Codorníu Blanc de Blancs has fine, delicate bubbles perfect for sipping with friends. It reminds us that every day is indeed a cause for celebration. It is the perfect sparkling choice for any occasion, whether on its own, at a meeting, girls’ night out or an elegant soirée. Javier, the Spanish waiter kept our glasses topped up. I had two glasses which I thoroughly enjoyed.


An ibérico ham hung between the ceiling of this quaint Spanish gem. Cava and Spanish nibbles were available throughout the night. The canapés were delightful. There was a lot of finger food including mini burgers, cheese, olives, croquettes, divine desserts and much more.


There was a nice atmosphere and everyone seemed to be having a great time. I met Nikki, from Singapore and we all mingled and made it a good night.


We were each given a goody bag on our way out containing mini bottles of this delicious and beautifully bottled Cava.


Don’t forget to check out their website!